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Sandman Maps

Post  Admin Gollum on Wed 6 Nov - 11:52

abduction (Sandman)
ACR_Base (Sandman)
acr_beach (Sandman)
acr_beach_v2 (Sandman)
acr_bounce (Sandman)
acr_catbox2010 (Sandman)
acr_catsomania (Sandman)
--> acr_complex (hard to play (slow) because of light or r_speeds) (Sandman)
acr_core (Sandman)
acr_crazyjump (Sandman)
acr_dust (Sandman)
acr_forgotten (Sandman)
acr_industrial (Sandman)
acr_industrial_night (Sandman)
acr_killbox (Sandman)
acr_netsurf (Sandman)
acr_nightmare (Sandman)
acr_no_mercy (Sandman)
acr_recore (Sandman)
acr_SandmansDream (Sandman)
acr_supercore (Sandman)
acr_tournament (Sandman)
acr_tournament2 (Sandman)
acr_tournament3 (Sandman)
acr_valhalla (Gollum and Sandman)
acralley (Sandman)
acrbasecore (Sandman)
acrboot_camp (Sandman)
acrcastle (Sandman)
--> acrgrave (hard to play (slow) because of light or r_speeds) (Sandman)
--> acrSandmans_Dream (name no longer used: take acr_SandmansDream) (Sandman)
allie_gator (Sandman and CreepItAll)
atlantis_ds (DutchNeo and Sandman)
BeeFrags_wp (Sandman)
BeeFrags (Sandman)
covanent (Sandman)
cross_snipe (Sandman)
DB_JudgementDay (Gollum, Sandman and CreepItAll)
dbcastle (Sandman and CreepItAll)
de_darkness (Sandman)
de_dust2xmas (Sandman)
de_dust2xmasb (Sandman)
de_dustoween (Sandman)
demon-boy_lrrb (Sandman and CreepItAll)
ds_cold (DutchNeo and Sandman)
ds_hardcore (DutchNeo and Sandman)
eckstein (Sandman)
eckstein2 (Sandman)
eckstein3 (Sandman)
elb1 (Sandman)
elb2 (Sandman)
elb3 (Sandman)
forgotten (Sandman)
ghoul (Sandman)
HardRockCafe (Sandman)
hardrockcafe2 (Sandman)
hardrockcafe_ext (Sandman)
hw_forgotten (Sandman)
hw_forgotten2 (Sandman)
king_kong (Sandman)
ladies_night (Sandman)
Lego_stalk (Sandman)
orc (Sandman)
Outworld (Sandman)
Samhain_halloween (Sandman)
Sandmans_Dream (Sandman)
santa (Sandman)
Santas_rage (Sandman)
Sleep_tite (Gollum, Sandman and CreepItAll)
spy_vs_spy (Sandman and CreepItAll)
Tardis_rats (Sandman and DutchNeo)
tarzan (Sandman)
Uggliestown (Gollum, Sandman and CreepItAll)
Vamp (Sandman)
web_box2 (Sandman)

So 75 maps (even if double, unplayable etc)
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