2018 NEWS !!

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2018 NEWS !!

Post  Admin Gollum on Tue 13 Mar - 12:37

Hi HL people,

Servers are back!!

All servers are now hosted in a datacenter in Paris with fast donwload for a full year!

So come to play with me when you have free time. You are all welcome!!

Here comes adresses : (*<[|HL1F|]>*) SEVERIAN 2018 : Severian mod server with Teamplay battles ! (*<[|HL1F|]>*) WEAPON MOD 2018 : mod with 25 weapons (fast gameplay and easy kills) + hook available ! (*<[|HL1F|]>*) BEST OF HL 2018 : All the best in this mod mixing Severian mod + weapon mod !

Don't Forget these servers built for friends : DocRock Map Fans 2018 : Classic HLDM with good weapons at spawn and running all maps from Docrock ! Gollum's Surprise Lair 2018 : The only one OZ mod server with fast teamplay battles !

Have fun on them !!
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